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We provide fully managed and tenant occupied investment properties, we specialize in handling out of country and out of state investors. More investors have recently started to realize that core property investments may be fully priced, if not overvalued, and that the cap rates being paid for these properties are placing too great a premium on the value of CASH FLOWS! The question has now become where else to turn? The answer is Cleveland Ohio. With the new city initiatives and the addition of the downtown Horse Shoe Casino & legalized gaming, the city has great opportunities for investors as well as owner occupiers. 
Real Estate vs. Stocks,Bonds&Mutual Funds
The difference between real estate and traded assets is that no one really needs Lehman Brothers to live. Food, water, clothing and shelter will always be in demand. Even if your property values have dropped, you still own something. The house is still there, and either you or your tenants are living under its roof. There is always the utility, and in the case of rental property, rents may provide inflation-protected income. The principles of real estate investment are simple and the values generally understandable; anyone who has ever rented or bought even one home can grasp the basic tenets. You can crawl around an attic, see with your own eyes whether or not a water heater is rusty. You know if a neighborhood is nice or not, and if you would want to live there. As long as individuals have the need for shelter, property values can almost never go to zero.
Investing on Wall Street involves a level of time & education that most individuals do not have. It involves trusting someone to do something you don't completely understand. The individual retail equity investor (average person) is trading against a vast institutional investing and program trading machine "black box". This is like showing up to a gunfight with a knife! Personal real estate investing is more secure and manageable. A housing unit or "builders box" is more easily understood than Wall Street's "black box." Real estate has physical presence. You can visit it, live in it and even rent it to others to live in or work in. You can use its value as leverage. Depending on your personal situation, the expenses may be deductible. This asset is secured with real tangible value. And, it appreciates in value. Real estate is a far more secure and dynamic investment than any stock,401k,TSP,403b, bond,or mutual fund.


Invest in Cleveland's growing new economy, host of all professional sports teams, Browns NFL Football, Indians MLB, Cavs NBA basketball, and professional soccer!! 

iExplore! Cleveland, Ohio
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Positively Cleveland Annual Meeting Video
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Flying along the Bratenahl shoreline in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 8, 2010, under a Dudek Plasma 22 powered by a FB 122.  Ground speed was approximately 40 MPH.  I apologize in advance for the poor f...
CURRENT INVENTORY AS OF 04/15/2016:Note that all of our properties are free and clear title

Atlanta GA Renovation Project Completed and Sold. Atlanta Investor

Home has 4bds, 2baths, 2 car under ground garage. Home located on nice cul-de-sac residential street in Stone Mountain GA! $89k Cash Deal

Cleveland OHIO Market/Turn Key Properties/Up to 20% annual ROI !!
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Current Available Rental Homes
SOLD 2/6/2014
Sold turnkey income producing bulk wholesale package to overseas investment firm:
Featured property of the month!!
Firwood Ave, Cleveland Ohio
Property is currently renovated & cash flowing with long-term section 8 tenant: $750 monthly rent.
Purchase Price: $27,500/ All Cash
Ranch Style
3beds,1 bath
2 car garage
Front street view of property, great for older & persons with disabilities. Cleveland Housing Authority Approved & Inspected:Section 8
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Living room/Kitchen Area
Newer Mechanical's,fully operational, heating,electrical & plumbing.
section 8, low income rental cleveland properties
Next door homes on the street
Back yard, complete with grassed dog run.
We have many more listings available, feel free to contact us for a complete & current detailed inventory report!
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